Conference site: The historical building of Hungarian Academy Sciences


The conference will be held in the beautiful historical building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (, part of the World Heritage Foundation. The monumental renaissance building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, V., Roosevelt square, 9) was built in the Reform Era at the beginning of the XIX. century for housing the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Nowadays it is an independent public body based on the principle of self-government, which is a centre of Hungarian culture and science. Besides a library and many lecture halls, this building also houses a beautiful Painting Gallery. The Academy is located in a spectacular area of downtown Budapest on the bank of the Danube wich provides a magnificent view of the Royal Castle, the Fisher’s Bastion, the Mátyás Church and the hills of Buda.



This woodcut of the final design was published in Sunday News on 31, August 1862.


The main facade nowadays


The Ceremonial Hall



The painted ceiling of Ceremonial Hall



Richly ornamented staircase



Middle Room of Oriental Collection



The Main Reading Room of the Academy's Library



Hall of Pictures on the First Floor


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