MDSplus Satellite Meeting

Interest has been expressed in having an MDSplus developers' meeting to follow the IAEA Technical Meeting, as was done at the last meetings in San Diego in 2003, and in Padova in 2001. Thus this satellite meeting will be held on:

Friday 15 July 2005 in the afternoon

For more information contact:

Tom Fredian    ( twf(at) )

The following topics for discussion have been suggested thus far. Please e-mail  Tom Fredian if you would like to suggest additional topics.

Discussion Topic

Discussion Leader

Opening Remarks

Tom Fredian

Real-time and Long Pulse/Continuous Data

Gabriele Manduchi

JET MDSplus Servers, "Pseudo trees" and security environment

Adrian Capel

FusionGrid, MyProxy, ROAM, GsiLite

Justin Burruss

MDSplus Web Services

Tom Fredian

General Questions and Answer session

Josh Stillerman

Closing Remarks

Tom  Fredian

We would also like to get some idea of the number of people planning to attend the MDSplus Satellite meeting. Please email  Tom Fredian cc. tm2005(at) if you are planning to attend. This meeting will consist of informal free flowing discussions on MDSplus-related topics. Feel free to just come and listen and/or share some of your experiences with the rest of the MDSplus user community. This page will be updated as more topics are identified.

Important note:

If you are NOT attending the IAEA TM meeting and are ONLY attending the MDSplus workshop, please email  Tom Fredian  cc. tm2005(at)  and attach an Expression of Interest Form .

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